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The Mancave you Deserve

Your MANCAVE is your place of solace. Whether it is a fully built up home theater cinema, a relaxing corner reading nook, a room carefully designed with your favorite memorabilias or a space for your favorite hobby , your space deserves the best. It deserves only the world’s most comfortable recliner. Sit back, recline and indulge your passions only with a genuine La-Z-Boy Recliner.

Mom's Choice

For pregnant moms, challenges are present like soreness, swelling feet and pregnancy-induced back pain. Similarly, child care and breastfeeding may cause aching joints and lack of sleep. Let Mom experience the comfort she deserves and relieve some stress with La-Z-Boy.

IClean Fabric Recliner

La-Z-Boy is excited to introduce iClean, its new and innovative stain-repelling fabric. iClean is a high-performance fabric that incorporates safe, sophisticated chemistry to protect and surround each fiber, repelling spills before they turn into stains. Everyday spills are now protected with iClean, including coffee, wine, salsa, dirt, chocolate and more.