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   A comfortable sofa is a must-have item for relaxation. Your choice in sofa can also make your living room more personal and appealing at the same time. However cozy,...

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The pandemic has prevented us from enjoying a lot of the little things that we used to enjoy. Having quick meet ups in our local coffee shop, or getting away...

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BLIMS Shop This Look

SHOP THIS LOOK : Forms & Neutral Shades Satisfy your inner wellbeing with things that ease your mind.  Make your home extra cozy with these soft neutral shades and a...

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What are the benefits of a Sofa bed?

What are the benefits of a Sofa bed? As one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for your living space, the sofa bed is a worthwhile investment – especially...

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Essential Condo Furniture for Urban Living

Essential Condo Furniture for Urban Living   Condo living has been the mainstay of urban living the last decade. With more and more condominium being built, space has become a luxury. Urban dwellers today realize...

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Best Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa

Sofas are one of the most used furniture at home. Visit this page to know the essential things you need to consider before making your sofa purchase and get the...

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How to Choose a Dining Set for Your Home Better Than Anyone Else

Dining sets are important furniture at home where family bonds and shares stories. Visit this page to learn more about how to choose the perfect dining set for your home.

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Create the Perfect Living Space with BLIMS

  Furnishing your home can get quite stressful especially if you are buying for an entire home or an entire room. Finding a furniture store that offers almost everything you...

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