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What are the benefits of a Sofa bed?

What are the benefits of a Sofa bed? As one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for your living space, the sofa bed is a worthwhile investment – especially...

What are the benefits of a Sofa bed?

As one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for your living space, the sofa bed is a worthwhile investment – especially for periods when you may find the need for some extra sleeping space for guests.

So what exactly are the benefits of owning a sofa bed? And what should you consider when shopping for one? We’ve put together a list of things to consider before making that purchase.

1) Automatically turns your living room to an infrequent guest room
One dilemma of a limited space is not being able to accommodate a guest bed or having little storage space to keep an extra mattress. A double duty furniture piece like a sofa bed makes it easy for you to invite people over, instantly turning your sofa into a bed that your guests can sleep on.

2) Quick and easy set up
Most sofa beds are designed to be set up in just a few steps, whether it be a bi-fold design, traditional pull-out or single action sofa bed, you can rest assured that setting up your guests’ sleeping space will take only a few minutes. This takes the pressure and guesswork out of preparing the room in advance and lets you enjoy the freedom of welcoming guests any time.

3) A wide range of styles
Sofa bed design have come a long way in the past years. These days, you can surely find a piece that will fit perfectly into your style, needs and budget.

4) Multipurpose furniture for compact spaces
If space is your top constraint, a sofa bed is one of the pieces that can make the most out of tight areas. Placing a sofa bed gives you the advantage of transitioning from a lounging area to a sleeping space. With BLIMS’ wide range of sofa beds, you are sure to find one that is both a comfortable sofa for the day and a restful bed at night. Some options even have built-in storage!

5) A perfect match for your busy lifestyle

If you are someone with a hectic schedule, a common problem is not having enough time for sleep. By investing in a sofa bed for your office space, you get the advantage of taking a proper power nap and then returning back to your tasks feeling refreshed.

BLIMS Fine Furniture has a great selection of sofa beds, from classic to modern pieces, visit any of our furniture showrooms in the Philippines located in the Greater Metro Manila area and Davao City and see our collection of certified condo fit pieces.

VIENNA. a 3-seater sofa with 2 bolster cushions that will bring elegance to your space. Pocketed spring cushions topped with memory foam ensure your guests will surely have a comfortable night’s sleep.

LILAC. A great accent piece for a small nook that is both functional and beautiful. Lift the base to find storage underneath. The armrest can be reclined to form a small bed. *(Pillows included)

WATSON. Plush multi-way sofabed, pillow top in soft synthetic leather and metal base with tapered legs.

ZINNIA. Sectional fabric sofa with pull-out bed and storage compartment.

KIELO. A 1-Seater accent chair that can be converted to a lounge chaise or sofabed


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