A typical office worker would usually spend most of their day sitting on their office chairs. That would usually be 8 hours a day or 40 hours in a week, 160 hours in a month for a total of 1,920 hours in a year. Nothing is ever good in excess, and that includes sitting. Sitting for long periods may result in cramped backs, affecting not only one’s productivity but also their health.
That is why choosing the right office chair is very important. You have to make sure that the office chair you sit on is a good quality chair that will provide you ample support and comfort.


Here’s a friendly guide towards buying the ideal office chair:

1) Look for a chair that is adjustable

Each person has a unique body type so an adjustable chair that will allow you to customize the chair height and backrest is always a good option.
A person’s leg must rest nicely giving their knees a nice 90 degree angle resting the foot flat on the floor. This promotes blood circulation thus preventing cramps. For back support, look at the chair’s curvature and see if it gives you ample support whenever you move or shift your body.
There are also other adjustments in chairs which are available such as arm rest and head support, look at these if its relevant with the chairs you are looking at.

2) Check the fabric or material used
Because sitting for almost the whole day is synonymous to being glued to your office chair, you should also look at the material used on it. A good chair office is breathable and one that regulates your body temperature. Make sure that the fabric or material used on the office chair is also good quality to make it last longer from heavy usage.

3) Be mindful of your office chair’s purpose
Do you need a chair that rolls or is it fine to have a stationary one? If you reach out for things and change positions often, it’s better to have one that has wheels for more convenience. A swiveling office chair will also be practical for you.
At Office World by BLIMS, we offer different kinds of office chairs for different purposes taking into account everyone’s comfort. Visit any of furniture showrooms in the Philippines located in the Greater Metro Manila Area and Davao City to find the ideal chair for you.

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