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   A comfortable sofa is a must-have item for relaxation. Your choice in sofa can also make your living room more personal and appealing at the same time. However cozy,...


A comfortable sofa is a must-have item for relaxation. Your choice in sofa can also make your living room more personal and appealing at the same time. However cozy, a fabric sofa will undoubtedly get dirty and possibly stained over time, particularly if you have pets and youngsters in your home.

Cleaning your fabric sofa regularly is a must to maintain a polished and healthy home. It can prevent hypersensitivities (allergies) or different kinds of skin infections and improves air quality by getting rid of unwanted odors from food stains, mold, smoke, or pet dander.

That is why in this article we will give you a tips on how to properly maintain your fabric sofa.


Remember that every sofa is different, even if it comes from the same brand. Always review your manufacturer’s instructions and do a spot test on a hidden portion of your sofa first before applying any cleaner to make sure it doesn’t damage the fabric.

When available, check the fabric code on your sofa tag which will usually indicate the type of cleaning it requires. Here’s what the codes mean:

W- water based cleaners
S - solvent based cleaners (water-free)
SW or WS – either water or solvent based cleaners are OK to use
X – vacuum or light brushing only


  1. Protect the Fabric. The best form of fabric protection is prompt attention to spills to prevent stains. A clean cloth blotted over the area will usually do the trick but in some cases, warm soapy water can be used to help get rid of any initial staining (make sure your sofa fabric can be exposed to water, if it is dry-clean only do not use this method). Additional fabric protectors may be applied to your upholstered furniture but always test on a small area first.
  2. Turn your cushions. When possible, periodically turn and switch up your loose cushions to extend the overall life of your sofa.
  3. Vacuum regularly. You should be vacuuming your upholstered furniture weekly to remove any surface dirt and prevent it from becoming embedded into your fabrics. Don’t have a vacuum? A stiff brush can work as well to remove any surface debris.
  4. Avoid sunlight. Too much sun can damage your upholstery causing it to fade and even fray over time.
  5. Deep clean occasionally. Depending on how much use your sofa gets, it’s a good idea to deep clean with a steam cleaner or through professionals once in a while to ensure you favorite couch will last longer. If you do have a steam cleaner at home, here’s how you can clean your sofa:
  • Steam cleaners come in numerous assortments, with a set of convenient connections. The one you need for cleaning a fabric sofa must be intended for steaming upholstery and textures.
       Where to begin cleaning?
  • Start by loading your steam cleaner with the required measure of steam cleaning solution and water, after that take all removable pillows and any loose cushions and begin with them.
       Now steam clean the large part.
  • Move the steam cleaning spout/brush in reliable, long strokes everywhere on the fabric sofa.

       Let your fabric sofa dry

  • The last step in steam cleaning your fabric sofa is to let it dry. This will take some time and will depend upon the room conditions so try to pick a nice sunny day and open your windows to let air flow freely.


Just as we typically leave baking soda in the fridge to get rid of any harsh odors, applying it to your fabric sofa can also help to remove any unwanted odors. Here’s what to do:

  1. Gather your materials such as baking soda, clean cloths, a vacuum with a brush attachment.
  2. Wipe down the sofa using a clean dry cloth or a clean stiff brush to remove any surface dust or pet hair.
  3. Sprinkle a THIN layer of baking soda on the fabric sofa and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Using the upholstery brush attachment, vacuum the fabric sofa to remove the baking soda.

A fabric sofa is one of your major furniture investments at home so it makes sense to take care in maintaining it for years to come!

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