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How to Furnish Your Home with Kids in Mind

When shopping for furniture for a home with children in mind, make sure it is safe and durable. But child friendly furniture doesn't have to be boring or ugly. Find...

When shopping for furniture for a home with children in mind, make sure it is safe and durable. But child friendly furniture doesn't have to be boring or ugly. Find furniture that works and looks good, and that keeps your kids safe.

Easier said than done? Well don’t worry here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing child friendly furniture:

Focus on sturdy materials.

Children can be crazy active, almost a bottomless pit of pure energy made from sodas and candies. So to remedy this, get furniture that can withstand their energy. Sturdy wood and metal furniture with built in cushions are good options, since they are both durable and long-lasting.

  •  The Sven Armchair 
  • A padded armchair made with upholstered fabric with a wooden frame, and a walnut finished tapered legs. Which is great to have around children, since its padded finish and tapered legs can reduce if not avoid any scrapes or bruises during their play.


  • Mondo Center Table 
  • A Round marble coffee table on a golden steel frame, sturdy and durable that can easily keep up with your child’s almost limitless energy.

Consider Round Edges or Soft Cushions:

Choose furniture designed with round edges and soft cushions to keep children safe as they run around and play. This can help reduce risk of accidental bumps and scratches when they trip or run into them.

  • The Sandro 2 Seater Sofa
  • A contemporary leather sofa with plush seats, rounded edges, and extra soft cushions. Soft on all sides, a safe option should you have a child that tends to run into things when playing.

Focus on simple maintenance:

With children, spills and messes are inevitable and impossible to not happen. So it's important to choose furniture that is easy to clean and maintain. Choose furniture that is easy to clean and won't get stained, like leather or half leather sofas.

  • Compact sofa upholstered in premium Mastrotto leather with plush high back cushions on pocket spring seating. Great to have with kids since they are easily maintained and easily wipeable, should there be any spills or staining during their play time.


Leather not your taste or style, and you much prefer furniture made from fabric but concerned of spills and stains? No worries, BLIMS’ Fine Furniture has their IClean La-Z-Boy Recliners. Their patented iClean fabric makes it easy to clean up life’s little messes, so you can relax with a simple wipe.

  • A fabric recliner made with BLIMS’ La-Z-Boy’s patented IClean fabric design. Even with your child’s boundless energy and accidental spills, a simple wipe with a paper towel or rag will disappear and make it seem like nothing ever happened.


Consider Functional Storage:

A child's room will stay tidy if you invest in functional storage furniture. This type of furniture can help organize belongings, making it easier for kids to put things away, and when not in use, can be used for something else, like say maybe a guest or for other family members should they visit or drop by.

  • A bed frame with storage that has a large drawer underneath, easily accessible with just a single pull the drawer. A perfect storage space for your children’s clothes or toys after wear or play at the end of the day.

Choose Furniture that is Versatile:

Children love to have sleepovers or movie nights. So having a sofa bed in the living room really helps, especially ones that are easily maintained with a simple wipe should there be any spills that may occur during the fun activities between children.

  • A single action push & pull leather sofa bed, easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a rag or towel for any spills that may occur during kids play.


By following these tips, you can invest in child - friendly furniture that's safe and stylish, so your children have a safe environment to play in, learn, and grow up at a comfortable pace.

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