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How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Space

For many homeowners, the challenge of achieving their dream home often involves contending with limited space. Living in a small space doesn't mean you need to compromise your style or...

For many homeowners, the challenge of achieving their dream home often involves contending with limited space.

Living in a small space doesn't mean you need to compromise your style or convenient functionality. In fact, with a little creativity and thoughtful planning, arranging furniture in a small area can result in a cozy & comfortable living space.

In this blog post, BLIMS Fine Furniture will share some practical tips and ideas to help you make the most of your limited space and transform it into a comfortable and inviting home.


Get a Floor Plan:

Creating a floor plan is vital for visualizing a home's layout, aiding in furniture arrangement,. Gather accurate measurements of rooms, doors, windows, and other details. Decide whether to use user-friendly software or seek professional help. Begin by outlining outer walls and adding doors and windows to scale. Incorporate room shapes, sizes, and furniture placement using scaled symbols.

Double-check for accuracy by marking those areas in real life as well with either a tape or symbol on the floor or wall.




Choose Multipurpose Furniture:

In compact living spaces, each piece of furniture should prove its worth by fulfilling multiple functions. Explore options like furniture with integrated storage, such as ottomans with concealed compartments, or pieces that offer dual utility like a sofa bed. These choices enable you to optimize your space efficiently and accommodate diverse requirements.

The following items below are Sofa Beds that can fit in a small studio apartment and serve you two purposes such as being a bed for yourself or a sofa for when you have guests over.

 Tivoli II Sofa BedTivoli II

A classic 2 seater pull-out sofabed for a spare bed in any room of the home, stylish, functional, and very fashionable

203 x 88 x 85 cm or 80 x 35 x 33 inches




 Holly Sofa BedHolly

A contemporary 2 seater, single action queen pull-out bed with thin sloped arms. An innovative single action mechanism lets you roll out the mattress in one motion. Even includes a deep seating comfort and 2 arm pillows.

202 x 97 (214) x 89 cm or 80 x 38 (84) x 35 inches



 Oslo Sofa bedoslo

A lovely compact 2 seater with an innovative single action mechanism that lets you roll out the mattress in one motion, saves space too!

198 x 103 x 86 cm or 78 x 41 x 33 inches



Indigo Sofa bedindigo

A classy mid-century sofabed with included tufted seat and back. Piped edging tapered wood legs in natural finish with storage compartment and two bolster pillows.

218 x 94 x 87 cm or 86 x 37 x 34 inches



Hazel Sofabedhazel

The classy rolled arm sofa bed with a pull-out mattress. Includes a modern single action mechanism that allows you to transform this sofa into a bed with 1 pull. Easy right!?

200 x 103 x 87.5 cm or 79 x 41 x 34 inches

Get yours now!


Keep Traffic Flow in Mind:

Double or even triple check that your furniture arrangement allows for easy movement when walking or moving throughout the room. Avoid placing the furniture in such a way that obstructs natural pathways, like a slant rectangular coffee table for example,  as this can make your space feel congested and uncomfortable. Leave enough room for people to move freely between different zones.

Here are BLIMS Fine Furniture’s favorite center tables that are multi-functional to maximize your space.


 Boston Center Table

Our best-selling series of modern lift-top tables on metal legs, and with good reason too! The boston center is a compact center table with one lift top that can fit into almost every small home imaginable.

55 x 80 x 38 cm or 22 x 31 x 15 inches



Boston Duo Center Table

Double the lift, double the fun! A top coffee table with double the storage.

20 x 60 x 38 cm or 47 x 24 x 15 inches

Have a bit more room? Get this sleek, elegant, and classy center table now!



Portland Center Table

A functional center table with concealed storage. A gentle lift of the table top transforms it into a working table. Contrasting wood and glass finish gives it a modern vibe.

110 x 60 x 35cm or 43 x 24 x 14 inches



Dalton Center Table

An amazing functional center table with concealed storage. Double lift tops transform it into a truly functional multi-purpose piece for two.

120 x 60 x 41.5cm or 47 x 24 x 16 inches



Arranging furniture in a small space requires thoughtful and meticulous planning and creativity, but the results can be truly rewarding in the end. By considering the tips outlined by this blog, you might just optimize and achieve your dream home despite having a small living space

Embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with living in a small space, and you'll be able to create a cozy and inviting home that you'll love coming back to every day.

For more information, visit any BLIMS Fine Furniture showroom in the Philippines located in the Greater Metro Manila area or Davao City, or visit


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