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Essential Condo Furniture for Urban Living

Essential Condo Furniture for Urban Living


Condo living has been the mainstay of urban living the last decade. With more and more condominium being built, space has become a luxury. Urban dwellers today realize after a while that their condo living suddenly feels a little cramped. Here are some certified condo fit pieces that helps you maximize your compact space.

Here are some essential Condo Furniture pieces perfect for urban city living. 


 DARLA Ottoman with Storage

This classic piece is great for storing your magazines, books and even extra blankets for unexpected sleepovers. Small enough to be tucked away in a corner or as a seat for your dresser. A storage ottoman like Darla is a condo living essential.  

  1. PORTLAND Lift Top Coffee Table

This show stopping piece is sure to impress your guests. Imagine converting your coffee table to a working table with a simple lift. To add to this, the extra storage compartments will surely help you declutter your space.  Talk about taking storage to a whole new level. The side compartments are convenient for storing notepads, pencils, and even cleaning essentials when a pet accidentally uses your living room as a bathroom or a guest accidentally spilled his/her drink


  1. HAZEL Sofabed

No piece of furniture may be as versatile as a well constructed sofabed. Comfortable as a sofa or a bed. Be ready to welcome guests anytime with this versatile piece.


A bed with storage is an urban living must. With the limited space available, make every square meter count by utilizing the space underneath your bed for storage.  

  1. LILAC Accent Chair

A great accent piece for a small nook that is both functional and beautiful. Lift the base to find storage underneath. The armrest can be reclined to form a small bed. 

  1. MISSION Dining set for 2


Sometimes less is more. As is such with our simple yet timeless Mission dining set for 2 in a classic deep walnut finish. Versatile as a dining area, additional counterspace or work area. This multi-purpose table also has built-in shelving and stools that can be easily tucked underneath. That’s our list of essential condo living furniture in the Philippines. We hope that gave you an idea on what furniture you need best for your condominium.


You can visit our condo furniture collection to view and learn more about the products or you can simply visit our furniture showrooms in the Philippines located in the Greater Metro Manila area and Davao City.

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