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Design Ideas that We Love

Considering to revamp your home? Check out these design ideas from BLIMS Fine Furniture to help you choose elegant and high-quality furniture. Click here.

Spending more time at home makes one realize the importance of having furniture pieces that are not only stylish and of good quality, but suitable and comfortable for daily use as well. It also gives more time to think of new ways to create a more relaxing environment for work and play.

Whether you’re looking to refurbish your entire home or simply swap your leather sofa for a new accent chair, these design ideas will help guide you in choosing furniture and furnishings that are not only fun and fashionable but also timeless.


1. Love Your Elegant Curves

Consider moving away from sharp lines and straight edges, and diving into modern furniture with curves and asymmetrical touches. This year sees a newfound love and fame for curved-back sofas, armchairs, accent chairs, and dining chairs. Quoting award-winning designer Chad James, 2020 sees a shift from “more structured, rectilinear styles toward elegant curved and asymmetrical pieces that created softer environments”.

Aside from adding elegance to your home, these curvy sofas, accent chairs and beds will give your space a homier look and a lighter feel. Added bonus: For those with kids who love playing and running around inside the home, rounder edges will avoid scrapes and bruises and prevent accidents.


2. Worry Free Performance Fabrics

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For sustainability, let’s puts the spotlight on performance fabrics, which are not only specifically designed to withstand wear-and-tear for a longer period, but are easy to clean as well. Such fabrics are suitable for any room in the home. They make furniture adaptable to any function, and at the same time add to space’s aesthetic appeal. As celebrity interior designer Lonni Paul says, “[Performance fabrics] could be used in the messiest of family rooms, but also in luxurious living and dining rooms while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic.”

The iClean performance fabrics by La-Z-Boy is an available cover option for its recliners. Be comfortable without worrying about unsightly messes as these iClean fabrics are dirt- and stain-repellant, and easy to clean.


3. Versatility is Key


In photo: Hikaru Extendable dining

In photo: Dalton Center Table

With small space living still at its peak, it makes sense for consumers to want furniture pieces that maximize cost and space in terms of style and function. The answer comes in the form of space-saving and multipurpose furniture, which are designed to adapt and transform according to your lifestyle. The trend also sees a meld between fun and formal for the workspace, as home-based options has become essential.

One of the most popular trends today is the integration of multipurpose furniture that have dual functions such as a coffee table that becomes a worktable or an extendable dining table that offers more space for dining, studying and working. Sofabeds that let you use them as spacious seating during afternoons and comfortable beds at night are always popular. Versatile furniture pieces are the key in maximizing your space.

BLIMS Fine Furniture is your go-to modern contemporary furniture store in the Philippines, offering a range of premium-quality furniture such as sofas, dining tables, accent chairs, recliners, beds, mattresses and office furniture. Visit one of 18 showrooms in the Greater Metro Manila Area and Davao to check out its latest collections.


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