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Best Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa

Sofas are one of the most used furniture at home. Visit this page to know the essential things you need to consider before making your sofa purchase and get the...

The sofa is the most important investment and piece in the living room, so it makes sense to be meticulous when buying one. It creates a special place where family bonding moments are spent together, and provides a cozy place for guests to socialize. At the end of a tiring day, everyone simply wants to sit or lie down on the sofa and get comfortable. 

Whether you are getting a leather sofa or a fabric sofa, make sure to get the one that fits your comfort and lifestyle. While the selection for sofa sets seems to be endless, here are the things you need to know when buying a sofa.  

Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa

  • For comfort, try before you buy
  • While there are several types of sofa, people’s personal preferences also vary. Before you make your sofa purchase, ensure that you have tried it and that it matches your comfort. Check the back support, the build, and also the feel. Try if it’s high enough for your legs, or soft enough for your kids. Regardless if it’s an L shape sofa, leather sofa or fabric sofa, make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable whenever you sit on it.

  • Quality is necessary
  • For some people, buying a quality sofa may mean spending more money than their actual budget. There is great consolation, however, in knowing that you have invested your money in something that will last with you for a long time, and at the same time offer you maximum comfort and satisfaction.

  • Evaluate the frame
  • Upholstery fabrics and cushions can easily be replaced or repaired if damaged, but frames cannot. Frames made from hardwood like kiln-dried oak, beech or ash are more durable than those that use other materials like particleboard, plastic or metal. Make sure to pick a sofa with a durable frame to ensure that it lasts a long time.

  • Check the cushions
  • A good sofa filling should bring the best comfort and durability. Polyurethane foam is the most common cushion used. Find a foam that is firm and long-lasting, as too soft or too hard foam may break down too soon and too easily. High-resilient (HR) foam is an expensive material for cushions, but this is used to make an excellent sofa set

  • Evaluate the upholstery
  • The quality, style and type of upholstery of the sofa may seem less important to others, but these can have a huge influence on your living room. Make sure that your chosen sofa complements the look and feel of the whole room. You should also look for materials that are easy to clean, especially if you have kids or pets. There are now performance fabrics available that are stain-resistant and easier to clean, though good quality leather sofas are always easy to maintain as well. 

  • Choose features that suit your lifestyle
  • Your lifestyle is a big factor to consider when buying a sofa. You may want to purchase a sofa bed. Aside from being a space-saver, a sofa bed provides a perfect place to take quick afternoon naps or an extra bed when you have guests sleeping over. An L shape sofa gives you a relaxing lounge chair where you can lift up your feet and relax. Two- and three-seater sofa sets allow for more vibrant conversations with big groups. You can also look for functions like added storage to save on space, or moveable backrests or head rests for additional comfort.

  • Take measurements
  • There may be a chance that your sofa could not go through your doorway, which can be a real problem. Some legs of a sofa set may not be removable to pass through your door. Make sure to take measurements at home before heading to the furniture shop. A pro tip is to make an outline of the dimensions using some masking tape to see the actual size and fit of the sofa once it is placed in your home. 

    How to Properly Test Out a Sofa in a Store

    When you sit on the sofa, check its depth and length, back support, armrest, back height, etc. Aside from sitting, you should also lie down, or do your favorite positions and see if it feels good when doing so. Check the firmness, too. The sofa should be soft but should also offer firm support. Next is to check around the sofa. A well-constructed sofa should be padded all the way around and not have any hollow sections. 

    Buying at a physical store allows you to probe and ask questions to the salesperson. Consider asking questions about the materials used, construction, sofa care and maintenance. Examples are:

    • What is the material used in the cushions?
    • What spring system is used for the sofa? 
    • What type of leather is used?
    • How do i properly clean the sofa?
    • Are the cushions removable for cleaning? 

    A sofa is one of the most loved and used furniture at home, so investing your money on a quality sofa is not a bad idea. Besides, you can’t put a price on your (and your family’s) comfort. 

    With BLIMS Fine Furniture’s series of well-crafted and stylish sofas, choose to sit on a comfortable leather sofa, sofa set, sofa bed, L shape sofa, and contemporary modern sofas, perfect for every home. For more information, visit any BLIMS Fine Furniture showroom in the Philippines located in the Greater Metro Manila area or Davao City, or visit or Viber us at +639666301394.



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