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Furniture Buyer's Guide: Accent Chair


An accent chair is a simple and fun way to add character to your space or liven up an empty corner in your home.     

If you are shopping for an accent chair, here are some things to consider:

Measurement & Size    

Not all chairs are created equal, make sure to measure your space to ensure that your chair fits well into the area with enough room around it to be functional. Consider placing your chair on an angle from the wall to make your layout more interesting. However, remember that this will take up more space. Creating an outline on the floor using masking tape or cardboard can be a great way to visualize your intended furniture piece.


Accent chairs come in a multitude of materials from leather and fabric to plastic and natural fibers. Remember, an accent chair does not always have to match the rest of your sofas or living room pieces exactly – it’s meant to stand out as an accent piece! However, keeping one element the same, like the leg material between sofa and accent chair will maintain a cohesive looking space.

Design & Functionality     

A great looking accent chair becomes even greater when it’s a functional piece in your home. When choosing the right one for you, also consider what it will be used for. A chair for a reading nook should ideally be deep enough that you can casually cozy up for hours while a chair for a formal sitting area should be more structured so it is easy to get in and out from.         

Whatever your style or purpose, BLIMS Fine Furniture offers a wide selection of stylish accent chairs perfect for every home. Here are some of their items that you might want to check out:

Chai Accent chair. Add some color to your space with this modern contemporary accent chair with solid ash legs.

PORTER Storage Ottoman. Round fabric upholstered storage ottoman with center tuft.

AZUMI Accent Chair. Compact Japanese style high back sofa series in half leather.

TRITON Leather Accent chair. A half leather armchair with center tuft and chrome plated armrests.

Belair Accent Chair. Mixed fabric lounge chair with gray fabric front seat and grey PVC piping and backseat.

Athena Recliner w/ Ottoman. Modern accent chair with swivel base and recline function on iron plated metal base. Comes with ottoman. 

Charlotte Accent Chair. Perfect blend of style and comfort. The Charlotte sofa series features a double arm cushion design and plush seating.

To shop for more furniture pieces perfect for your home, visit our website BLIMS Fine Furniture or simply drop by one of our showrooms located in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines. You can also Chat & Shop with us via viber at 09666301394. Have a happy furniture shopping day ahead!

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