A typical office worker would usually spend most of their day sitting on their office chairs. That would usually be 8 hours a day or 40 hours in a week, 160 hours in a month for a total of 1,920 hours in a year. Nothing  is ever good in excess, and that includes sitting. Sitting for long periods may result in cramped backs, affecting not only one’s productivity but  also their health.

That is why choosing the right office chair is very important. You have to make sure that the office chair you sit on is a good quality chair that will provide you ample support and comfort.

Here’s a friendly guide towards buying the ideal office chair:

  1. Look for a chair that is adjustable

Each person has a unique body type so an adjustable chair that will    allow you to customize the chair height and backrest is always a good  option.

A person’s leg must rest nicely giving their knees a nice 90 degree angle  resting the foot flat on the floor. This promotes blood circulation thus  preventing cramps. For back support, look at the chair’s curvature and  see if it gives you ample support whenever you move or shift your body.

There are also other adjustments in chairs which are available such as  arm rest and head support, look at these if its relevant with the chairs  you are looking at.

  1. Check the fabric or material used

Because sitting for almost the whole day is synonymous to being glued to your office chair, you should also look at the material used on it.A good chair office is breathable and one that regulates your body    temperature. Make sure that the fabric or material used on the office   chair is also good quality to make it last longer from heavy usage.

  1. Be mindful of your office chair’s purpose

Do you need a chair that rolls or is it fine to have a stationary one? If you reach out for things and change positions often, it’s better to have one  that has wheels for more convenience. A swiveling office chair will also be practical for you.

At Office World by BLIMS, we offer different kinds of office chairs for  different purposes taking into account everyone’s comfort. Visit any of  our 18 showrooms to find the ideal chair for you.

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Buying Guide: Center Tables

What is a living room without a center table? Placing a center table is an easy way to assign a focal area in your space, it creates areas for conversation and something you can design around. Here are some tips and ideas to help you in your search for your next table:

Assess your seating configuration
What kind of seating do you have? Your choice of center table should mirror the overall shape of your seating area. If your sofas and accent chairs are laid out in a rectangle , longer tables are a good option as it can reach people sitting from end to end. Options like an oval, rectangle or a series of tables arranged lengthwise would be a good fit. If your layout is more of a square, then a circular or square shaped table would be a better choice for your living room.

Keep your living room style consistent
Make sure that your center table goes effortlessly with the colors, textures and patterns used in the room. An elegant wooden center piece fits well in a traditional living room while modern spaces demand a center table that is edgy and geometric.

Don’t forget about your proportions
For a living room that feels right and well coordinated, it pays to be mindful about your proportions. As a basic rule of thumb, your center table should not be longer than your main sofa! For a heavy and overstuffed couch for example, such pairs well with an equally chunky center table. If you have placed a dainty sofa on the other hand, you’ll be able to create the right scale by matching it with a compact center table. Creating a comparable scale between the pieces in your living area is the key to achieving the right balance.

BLIMS fine furniture offers a wide range of center tables perfect for every home. Here are some of their items that you might want to check out:


NANTES. Country chic compact coffee table w/ drawer.
Smoke. A timeless piece featuring black tempered glass top and a smoked wood finish.
Pretorio. A pair of hexagonal tables with a marble top and stainless steel base. Used separately, or grouped together to 

create a configuration that is your own.

Wolcott. Round coffee table in walnut finish with a removable top to use as a tray and reveal storage inside.
GRUFF. Rustic yet contemporary center table with tempered glass on top and two drawers.
 To see more of our items, visit our website BLIMS fine furniture or simply drop by  one of our showrooms. Have a happy furniture shopping ahead!


Vienna Accent Chair
  An accent chair is a simple and fun way to add character to your space or liven up an empty corner in your home. 
    If you are shopping for an accent chair, here are some things to consider:

Measurement & Size
    Not all chairs are created equal, make sure to measure your space to ensure that your chair fits well into the area with enough room around it to be functional. Consider placing your chair on an angle from the wall to make your layout more interesting. However, remember that this will take up more space. Creating an outline on the floor using masking tape or cardboard can be a great way to visualize your intended furniture piece.  


Accent chairs come in a multitude of materials from leather and fabric to plastic and natural fibers. Remember, an accent chair does not always have to match the rest of your sofas or living room pieces exactly – it’s meant to stand out as an accent piece! However, keeping one element the same, like the leg material between sofa and accent chair will maintain a cohesive looking space.   

Design & Functionality 
    A great looking accent chair becomes even greater when it’s a functional piece in your home. When choosing the right one for you, also consider what it will be used for. A chair for a reading nook should ideally be deep enough that you can casually cozy up for hours while a chair for a formal sitting area should be more structured so it is easy to get in and out from.         Whatever your style or purpose, BLIMS Fine Furniture offers a wide selection of  stylish accent chairs perfect for every home. Here are some of their items that you might want to check out:

  Chai Accent chair. Add some color to your space with this modern contemporary accent chair with solid ash legs.
Dallas Accent chair. The Dallas collection is an ode to luxe country living with its generous wooden finishes, soft fabrics and a comfortable style perfect for family gatherings. Add this elegant accent chair to complement your space.
Mochi Accent chair. Plastic accent chair in a modern curved design with wooden tapered legs.
Olaf Accent chair. An elegant winged accent chair with sloped wooden arm details. One (1) rectangular throw pillow included. Custom colors and sizes available.
Channel Accent chair by Scandinavian Design. Mid century accent chair with tapered brass legs designed by Malene Lillelund.
Lilac Accent chair. A great accent piece for a small nook that is both functional and beautiful. Lift the base to find storage underneath. The armrest can be reclined to form a small bed.


To see more furniture pieces perfect for your home, visit our website BLIMS Fine Furniture or simply drop by one of our showrooms located in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines. Have a happy furniture shopping day ahead!