February, the season of love has come once again. Expressing your love to all those who you care about could be tedious especially if you want to give them something special that will last for years to come. La-Z-Boy Recliners can express your caring thoughts by giving your loved ones true comfort and relaxation. So here are some suggestions perfect for those important people in your life.

  1. For your Pregnant wife: La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Power XR Fabric

Pregnancy is always a very delicate time in a woman’s life. So supporting and making everything comfortable for the Soon-to-be Mom is the best thing you could give.

La-Z-Boy’s Pinnacle Power XR Fabric is a rocker recliner with a convenient 4 toggle Switch Button that will allow for an easy recline. This recliner also extends to childcare as its rocking motion can help your wife easily put your baby to sleep. Breast-feeding time is always better on a La-Z-Boy recliner as it will give great support both to the mother and the baby.

  1. For your Hardworking husband: La-Z-Boy Dreamtime Power XR

Relieve muscles and dissipate the stress away with Dreamtime Power XR’s Power Recline XR Technology. With its Rocker Recliner and built-in 4 toggle switch button, this recliner is sure to help the hard-working dad relax in style. With its Hi-Density foam and comfortable dimensions,   La-Z-Boy Dreamtime will help your husband experience true relaxation.

  1. A sofa for you young couples: La-Z-Boy Greyson 2-Seater Motion Sofa

Starting out could be hectic but you should enjoy the moment! Together, cuddle up with La-Z-Boy’s Greyson 2 Seater Motion Sofa. With this Full reclining Loveseat, you both can cherish the sweet valentine moment in comfort and style of this plush and stylish motion sofa.

  1. For your grandparents aching back and knees:  Pinnacle Power Lift    Fabric

This Hearts Day, win over your Grandparents with the La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Power Lift Fabric. With old age, simple tasks like sitting up can sometimes become difficult. The lifting technology of the Pinnacle Power Lift Recliner aids the elderly to get up easily from a sitting position as it allows them to slide off the recliner with ease.  With La-Z-Boy’s Power Reclines’ XR Platinum Series; Sitting, Reclining and staying comfortable comes together

  1. For the whole family: La-Z-Boy Delta Cinema Lounger

Show your love to the whole family by bringing in the La-Z-Boy Delta Cinema Lounger into your household. Turn your Living into an instant Premium Cinema House with this reclining cinema lounger to enjoy Cool Friday nights and Weekend movies together.


There is a La-Z-Boy recliner perfect for each of your loved ones, so come and express how much you love them this hearts day with La-Z-Boy. Visit us in any BLIMS Fine Furniture Showroom today and get the Ideal Gift this Valentine. Click this link to find a Showroom near you:

18 BLIMS Branches to Cater to Your Furniture Needs

No one talks about the pressure that comes with buying furniture for your home. As one of the biggest investments you’ll make when completing a home, your furniture choices will directly affect your daily life.          

BLIMS Fine Furniture, one of the pioneers in the Philippine furniture industry for over 40 years, is here to help you choose what’s best for your home. And now with 18 branches, BLIMS is your one stop shop for the pieces you need to complete your space.

Shop our various sections including:

Living & Dining Space to find sofas, occasional tables, accent pieces, dining sets and sideboards that range from modern contemporary to industrial chic.   

The Leather Gallery specializes in leather upholstered goods from everyday sofas to show stopping signature pieces. 

BLIMS’ Condo Collection features compact furniture such as multi-functional tables and storage as well as various styles of sofa beds to make every space count.  

Our Sleepshop features bedframes that can be customized to suit your taste and size requirements while the Mattress gallery showcases models from the top five mattress brands in the Philippines – namely: Ambassador, King Koil, Salem, Slumberland and Uratex Premium. 

And for those mixing a bit of work with leisure, we have Office World pieces that may suit your needs. 

With BLIMS, you won’t be shopping in the dark     

Buying furniture may make you feel like you are tiptoeing into a whole new world. BLIMS understands that with finding the right furniture comes the nitty gritty details. At BLIMS, we don’t just offer furniture pieces but we are committed to helping you find the best one for your needs. 

Visit any of our showrooms and you’ll find that at each turn, you become a smarter consumer. Each store is equipped with information and helpful associates that try to understand your requirements, walk you through some choices and hopefully find the perfect pieces for your home.


BLIMS CW Home Depot Sta. Rosa, Laguna

BLIMS CW Home Depot Ortigas

BLIMS Greenbelt 

Visit our website to know more about our locations. Have a happy furniture shopping ahead!


Leather sofas surely add elegance and coziness to today’s modern home. To ensure that you and
your family can enjoy these sofas for years to come, here are some simple tips on how to clean and maintain them:

1. Keep it clean. Dust and vacuum often. For daily or weekly dusting, use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth
slightly moist with distilled water, Do not use too wet a cloth. Wipe area gently.

2. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Although leather is resistant to fading, direct prolonged exposure to the sun will cause any material to fade. Therefore, it is important to position your leather sofa furniture away from windows, skylights or other intense light sources.

3. Clean spills quickly. Just like any upholstery, leather can become permanently stained if food spills
are not cleaned. When tackling a spill, use a clean cloth with some distilled water. If necessary, use a
MILD soap solution. Avoid rubbing too hard into the sofa, use a blotting motion instead.

4. Moisturize Regularly. To maintain its supple feel, moisturize your sofa with a leather conditioner every six to twelve months. Remember to always do a test on a hidden area before using any chemical on your sofa to make sure it is suited for the leather.

At BLIMS, we use only top grain corrected leather to ensure you are able to enjoy the luxurious
feel of leather with the added convenience of a protective coating for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

TOMO 2-Seater Compact Leather Sofa

LORENZO Leather Sectional

Find more stylish sofa pieces for today’s modern home from our Leather Gallery or visit our any of our 18 showrooms around the Philippines.