Fabric or Leather – which one is for your home?

Which sofa will suit your home better – Fabric or Leather?

Most people will have a preference between a fabric or leather sofa (couch) based on their taste, lifestyle, comfort and budget. Although your sofa upholstery of choice will ultimately be based on your personal preferences, have are some things to consider when making your decision.


Many factors can affect the comfort of a sofa, from the cushioning used, the design & ergonomics of the sofa up to the material of covering used. Leather has a soft and supple texture which will get even softer over time & use but in extreme temperatures, it can become uncomfortably cold to sit on or sticky and sweaty when it’s hot. Maintaining the right room temperature makes a big difference to comfort levels.

Fabric sofas will instantly add a soft, casual atmosphere to your space while leather sofas lend a sophisticated upmarket vibe. You can typically find more color and pattern options with fabric sofas but adding your own stamp with pillows and throws can transform any sofa, fabric or leather, into your own.


A leather sofa will typically last longer than a fabric sofa as leather hides are stronger than fabric, stain resistant (in darker colors) and less likely to tear and fray. Spills can easily be wiped off from leather and so is typically viewed as a family-friendly option. The wear and tear of fabric sofas most often depend upon the grade of fabric. As you would expect, high-quality fabrics (just like high-quality leathers) will withstand wear better. Regular vacuuming and occasional deep steam cleaning of your fabric sofas can help them stay looking newer much longer.


click on the link to see guidelines on how to properly clean your fabric sofa.


It’s usually more cost effective going with a fabric sofa over leather. Quality fabric and framing are expensive, but the same sofa in leather will always cost more. A good compromise is to consider a half-leather sofa where in the top parts of the sofa, like the seat, back and arms are made of leather while the bottom and back portion are synthetic material. This way you can still get the look and feel of leather but a more budget friendly price point.

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