BLIMS Fine Furniture

BLIMS is the furniture store that defines lifestyles. Step into any of its sixteen showrooms nationwide and shop for furniture and furnishings that can complement any environment.
To do this, BLIMS shops the world for the latest and most elegant collections of furniture.BLIMS is the furniture store that sets the trends. It has been in the industry for over 37 years but continues to take pride in revolutionizing the furniture industry by offering many firsts:
• First to launch the concept of Ready-To-Use (RTU) and Ready-To-Deliver (RTD) furniture, now an industry standard in convenience and practicality.
• First to launch a series of annual exhibits supported by extensive advertising campaigns. The series became a truly awaited industry event for trend forecasts and latest designs.
• First to launch the complete one-stop center for ergonomic office furniture and furnishings, aptly called “Office World”
• First to launch the 0% card installment scheme in the furniture industry.
BLIMS is the furniture store that offers choice to customers. Each BLIMS store houses some of the best collections in the country. BLIMS offers a complete variety of furniture, which are categorized as follows:
Living Space – take your pick from an arresting collection of sofas and dining sets.
Sleepshop – BLIMS is equipped with a wide array of bed frames and mattresses that will give you quiet serenity and peaceful slumber,
Recliners & Loungers – indulge yourself and bring home a seat you can just sink into.
Decors & Accessories – check out BLIMS’ selection of vases, lamps, linens, and trinkets to complete the look of your space.
Office World – find the items that allow you to take charge.

"To turn every Filipino's house into a home"

"To be the store of choice in the market we serve"

8 Corporate Values

RESPONSIBLE - Taking ownership of our work and being accountable to our peers and ourselves
ENTERPRISING - Being resourceful and creative. We make the most of our current resources and minimize unnecessary wastage
SERVICE ORIENTED - We always remember to provide the best service to our customers and our community
PERSISTENT - We are committed to working hard and overcoming obstacles to finish what needs to be done
ENTHUSIASTIC - We accept that things may not always work in our favor but we keep a positive outlook and look forward to what we CAN do to overcome challenges
COOPERABLE - At BLG, we are a family; together, we work hard to achieve our goals
TRUTHFUL - We value honesty and integrity in everything we do

R.E.S.P.E.C.T - We recognize the value of each individual and the organization as a whole.