The Best Way to Reduce Stress is By Reclining

Every so often, people get a great deal of stress from a demanding job, a personal dilemma or sometimes even a small mistake of misplacing the car keys.  Whatever it is that gets you stressed, you should take a moment to relax. All the more, we have to RECLINE AND RELAX.

Relieving stress is as simple as 1-2-RECLINE. But how does reclining relieve your stress? Read on to find out!

It Relieves Your Backpain

Research has proven that stress is a primary cause of backpain. By reclining, you are in a position to alleviate it because your back and lumbar region are supported at all times. As a matter of fact, 2 out of 3 doctors definitely recommend this.

It Relaxes Your Body

The main purpose of a recliner is to provide comfort and relaxation to one’s body. Make sure you get a genuine recliner like La-Z-Boy to make sure that it’s built to last and the mechanism would work for many, many years to come.

It Can Improve the Healing Process

When your body reclines—the spine is rested, the back is supported and the legs are elevated. This position helps with the blood flow while increasing the supply of oxygen to tissues. This enables your body to feel better, leading not just to a stress-free state but also to a healthier well-being.

It’s the Doctor’s Order

An overwhelming 94% of U.S. Doctors say relaxation at home is important to relieve stress, and 96% of them agree that sitting at home in a reclined position promotes relaxation. (Maybe that’s why 3 out of 5 doctors own reclining furniture themselves!). Just make sure you get a genuine La-Z-Boy recliner instead of a knockoff.

It’s as Good as Getting Sleep

Resting in a recliner can just be as curative as sleep. Rest plays an important part to our health and sadly, it’s often neglected. Relaxing in a recliner for approximately one hour relieves stress while rebuilding and rejuvenating the body.



Now that you know how reclining relieves your stress, doesn’t that make you want it to be part of your healthy living plan?


Only La-Z-Boy recliners are exclusively designed with a seat and a back that move together simultaneously and it’s the ONLY reclining furniture brand that ensures your back and lumbar region are supported at all times and in all reclining positions.

Make sure to relieve stress in a comfortable recliner that gives holistic wellness that goes beyond comfort! And make sure that you are using a genuine recliner, because only LA-Z-BOY can put your comfort first with quality that’s built to last.

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