The 5 Best Ways to Furnish A Condo

One of the biggest issues is making the most out of your compact space while making it appear spacious, neat and homey.

Furnishing a condo can be a bit tougher than you think it would be. It has many different challenges as compared to furnishing a house.

You don’t have to get too worried though. With a bit of effort and creativity, you can maximize your condo and share many precious moments with your family with these tips. #momentswithBLIMS

1. Stick to a Light Color SchemE

Stick to light colors for your walls. Why? It will make rooms appear bigger and neater while being light and airy. It would also help in brightening the mood of your family so you can enjoy happy moments together.

2. Mirror Up

This may be an old trick in the book. It is always clever to lean a mirror (a full-length mirror isn’t all there is, but it will give a greater impact) against a wall. By doing so, you create a sense of flow in your space, thus, making the room appear much bigger.

3. Invest in Multi-functional Furniture

Get the most out of your space by investing on furniture that has multiple functions, such as a coffee table that can be turned into a dining table, or a sofa with a pull out bed. This will surely help you maximize your limited space.


4. Multiply Your Storage Space

Storage space is always limited especially for condominiums. It is best if you do not leave too many things in plain sight. Find unique furniture pieces that double as storage space. This will allow you the flexibility to make your space feel roomier.  By tidying up, you’ll appreciate the breathing space it will offer in your condo.

5. The Perfect Rug

To amplify your space, you need to properly select your home’s décor elements, and the perfect element to consider is the area rug or carpet. Your furniture should sit atop of the rug, but make sure that the large pieces are on it. Depending on the overall feel of the room, you can also try patterned rugs.

You will be using your furniture for the longest time; that is why you should carefully select what you need prior to purchase.


Here are some of the multifunctional (and condo-fit) furniture that might work for your space:

PORTLAND CENTER TABLE. Made of wood and glass, this multi-functional table has a lift top table and additional storage.
VIENNA SIDE TABLE. A modern addition to your space that can be used for your lampstands and other items.

HELSINKI TV CABINET. A minimalist TV cabinet that comes with three drawers for storage of CDs, DVDs etc.

PORTLAND DINING TABLE. Can be turned from a coffee table into a dining table and from a 2-sseater to a 4-seater. 
OSLO SIDEBOARD. This sideboard’s simple finish will make your space look lighter and airy.
DALTON CENTER TABLE. Has a concealed storage and double lift tops that transform it to a working table for two.
DAWN OTTOMAN. A bench made of wood and leather which offers two full extension storage

We hope this helped with your condo decorating and furnishing project! You may visit to see more of our Condo Collection items or go check out a branch near you.


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